About us

Waste heat utilization plays an important role in reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. This website is a key result of the European project CE-HEAT which is funded by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme that encourages cooperation on shared challenges in Central Europe.

The content of this website is addressed to companies, energy project developers, energy supply and service companies, energy consultants, municipalities and policy makers.

You will learn more about typical waste heat sources and how the waste heat can be recovered or transformed into other energy uses.

The lack of data on waste heat potential in a region or country makes it hard to plan, monitor, support and promote investments in waste heat utilization. This website explains in an easy manner an adaptable approach to identifying the regional waste heat potential and connects the topic of waste heat utilization in a more detailed way with regional energy action plans.

A regional GIS based waste heat cadastre helps to make the main waste heat sources visible. On the website you will find regional cadastres for a number of Central Europe regions as well as instructions on how to develop such a cadastre and where the required data can come from. The operation of a regional waste heat map shows relevant waste heat sources and allows for identification of interesting projects. Waste heat cadastres enable better understanding and awareness of the energy potential and are a great tool to drive support mechanisms for better energy utilization. 

Finally, potential investors can discover the waste heat utilization toolbox which contains useful tools and information for better understanding of waste heat. The toolbox, for example, includes a waste heat calculator which gives users a high level estimate if their project is feasible within specified financial and technical terms.

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