Business plans and business models

Here you can find some useful instructions on how to develop a business plan.

Business plan

In general, a business plan is one of the most important documents and the most essential roadmap for foreseen business success. This document projects and outlines the way which a potential or existing company could follow in order to develop and to increase its revenues. The plan projects several forthcoming years, mostly from three to five years.

It is to be noted that a business plan is a decision making tool, its structure, content and format is determined by goals and an audience. On the other hand, it aims to give a clear and understandable overview of foreseen business for someone who is not very familiar with it. Moreover, preparation of a business plan refers to different knowledge disciplines like finance, marketing, human resources, management, intellectual property rights, supply chains management, etc. And these disciplines clearly are related to several crucial questions which need to be addressed before starting a business.

Because writing a good business plan is not an easy task, the main aim of the investment toolbox is to give useful tips and information how to proceed with its development.

In general, the business plan should at least give answers to the most important issues:

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A place of business plan in decision making process

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