1) What provisions regulate waste heat utilization activities in project partner's country?

The Act of 10 April 1997 Energy Law
The Act of July 7, 1994, The Construction Law
Act of 27 March 2003 on spatial planning and development
Act of 3 October 2008 on access to information about the environment and its protection,
public participation in environmental protection and environmental impact assessments 
Act of 27 April 2001. Environmental protection law
Act of July 20, 2017 - Water Law
Act of 14 December 2012 on waste

2) What legislative instruments cover area of environmental protection? Please, provide a list of the instruments, regulations?
3) What provisions lay down the conditions under which permission is granted and thresholds for specific WH projects?
4) Information to relevant regulatory authority giving the registration (e.g. specialized government body, certified laboratory for testing agricultural inputs, etc.)? Please, provide full titles and addresses of the institutions and describe their roles in the process.