What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files which the browser installs on your computer or device. Cookies help the browser's navigation on the website and are not able to collect information saved in your computer or files.   

When the server uses a browser for reading cookies, the website services can be more user friendly because of this. To protect your privacy your browser will allow the webpage to access only cookies that the website already sent to you.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to gain more information about how you use our content. This helps us to improve the user experience for the visitors of our website.
Cookies remember which type of browser you are using and which additional software you installed for the browser. They also remember your preference settings, for example language and geographical area, which are saved as default settings for the next visit to the website. Cookies also enable us to evaluate websites and fill out forms for comments.

Some cookies we use are session cookies and are only active until you close the browser, while other cookies are permanent and stay in the computer for longer.

How are third-party cookies used?

Some functions on our websites have third-party providers, for example YouTube on sites with integrated videos or links to videos. These videos or links (same as any other third-party content) can include third-party cookies. For information about how the cookies are used by third parties read the regulations on their websites.

How to reject or delete cookies?

We do not use cookies to collect personal data about you.
However, you can reject or block cookies from the provider Waste Heat (E-zavod) or any third-party websites by changing the browser's settings.

Please consider that most browsers automatically accept cookies. Therefore you need to delete or block the cookies yourself, if you do not want to use them.

The links to instructions on how to turn off cookies on your online browser:
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

Instructions on deleting and rejecting cookies and additional information on cookies in general are available also on the website
You can find information about the use of cookies in mobile phone browsers and instruction on how to reject or delete cookies in the mobile device user manual.

If you reject the use of cookies you will still be able to visit our websites, but some functions might not work properly.

What cookies does this site contain?

Cookie name

Type / explanation




Website statistics

Google Analytics

2 years


Website statistics

Google Analytics

1 minute


Website statistics

Google Analytics

24 hours


Session cookie

Waste Heat

end of session

cookieaccept Cookie consent Waste Heat 1 year
lang Twitter plugin cookie Twitter end of session
fr Facebook plugin cookies Facebook 3 months
c_user Facebook plugin cookies Facebook 3 months
datr Facebook plugin cookies Facebook 2 years
pl Facebook plugin cookies Facebook 3 months
presence Facebook plugin cookies Facebook end of session
sb Facebook plugin cookies Facebook 2 years
wd Facebook plugin cookies Facebook 1 day
xs Facebook plugin cookies Facebook 3 months

More about Google Analytics cookies:

Google Analytics