Biogas plant in Trhové Sviny


Use of waste heat to generated electricity and heated water from biogas plant in Trhové Sviny

Trhové Sviny power plant is an investor of this project in Trhové Sviny, (Czech Republic)
The power plant installed a biomass-burning boiler in 1999. Additionally, heat production from this source was extended. The second boiler equipped with Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) was installed in 2005. It has heating power of 2.8 MW (effectiveness of 80%) and electrical power of 0.6 MW (effectiveness of 17%) and the system runs almost year-round. Heating water is fed into an ORC condenser, where it is heated to approximately 80 °C. Liquified thermal oil is then overheated and drives the ORC unit, which is used for additional provision of heating and electrical energy production. The existing grid was extended by 8.4 km.