Generating electrical energy in glassworks in Cuneo


Use waste heat in the form of hot steam to generate electrical energy in glassworks in Cuneo

AGC-Group is an investor of this project in Cuneo (Italy)
Hot steam (500 °C) that is produced during the melting process is further used to generate electrical energy. Waste heat is used to heat up thermal oil, which is in its gaseous form (300/200 °C) used to drive a turbine within the Organic Rankine Cycle (1,180 kW). It is then cooled and pumped back into the evaporator. One of the advantages is a lower water consumption, which was previously used to cool hot gases. Additionally, CO2 emissions are reduced as the company now uses its own electricity. However, effectiveness (23%) is not as high as expected as a result of thermal oil and mechanical part wear.