Waste heat from hydroelectric power plant in Maribor


Waste heat use in the plant’s operational buildings and nearby households thanks to the use of heat from hydroelectric power plant in Maribor

A unique waste heat utilization at a hydroelectric power plant. 
Waste heat is produced by power generators in the power plant. Up to 7.5 liters of water flows through each generator per second. This heat is further heated up using high-temperature heat pump. The solution was commission in 2002. Alternatively, the energy can be stored (capacity of 2x50 m3). Waste heat is used to heat the plant’s operational buildings and also surrounding residential areas. The solution increases power plant’s overall efficiency (by 1%) and reduces energy consumption in other buildings. It produces 0.092 kg of CO2, per kWh. Its effectivity depends on compressor speed and inlet water temperature. The inlet temperature varies between 25 and 35°C while the outlet temperature slightly exceeds 50°C. The solution is in use for almost 5,000 hours a year and achieves COP between 4.26 and 8.07. The technology is environmentally friendly, and the investment will be returned in 7 years.