Manner wafers factory


Use waste heat from Manner wafers factory in Vienna for heating and providing hot water for surrounding households and for cooling processes within the company

Manner & Wien Energie is an investor of this project in Vienna (Austria). 
It shows a perfect example of cooperation between a private company and the grid operator. 
The solution was constructed in ten months and commissioned in 2016. Waste heat in the form of hot air produced during baking of wafers is used for local heating in one of the Vienna’s districts. All excess heat is used within the company for cooling purposes. The local grid (3.5 km) was modernized in less than a year and additional 600 households connected to the grid and are supplied by heat and hot water thanks to waste heat. There is now additional 1 MW supplied to the grid. The company cooperates with Wien Energie, which has led to higher efficiency of the whole system. Due to the size of the entire system, there is a significant reduction in CO2 emissions (1,000 t/year).