Generating electrical energy in cement works in Fieni


Use waste heat produced in electric clinker cooler and in a gas preheater to generate electrical energy for own consumption in cement works in Fieni

HeidelbergCement + EU is an investor of this project in Fieni (Romania).
The company produces waste heat in electric clinker cooler and in a gas preheater. Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) that works with thermal oil of two different temperatures was installed in 2015 and is used to produce electricity. It operates with power of 3.5 MW. A heat exchanger was constructed at each source and heat (290-370 °C) is transferred to thermal oil operating in the range of -23-325 °C. After preheating, it is pumped into two circuits, where it is heated to a different temperature in the heat exchangers. Both circuits then reconnect and are pumped into a turbine. Air is used for cooling. The system is more effective than expected and achieves a net effectiveness of 22%, although the effectiveness drops during summer months (cooling issues). It is also environmentally friendly. EU subsidies were used to finance the solution.