Local heating network from biogas plant in Boleszyn


Use of waste heat from biogas plant in Boleszyn for own needs and local heating network

Biogal Sp. z o.o. is an investor of this project in Boleszyn, (Poland).
The agricultural biogas plant in Boleszyn processes pig manure from a pig farm owned by the investor and corn silage from their own crops, and additionally food industry waste purchased from other companies. The plant of 1.0 MW of electric power and 1.2 MW of thermal power started to operate in 2012 and immediately was enlarged to 2.0 MW (the third co-generator was installed). In 2015 a biomass heating plant was built where heat is produced from dried granulated post-fermentation residues. In 2017/2018 the investor is to install a fourth gas-fired generator with an electric power of 990 kW. The co-generator will be fed with biogas from two newly built fermenters. As a result, the investor plans to increase the electricity production to 2.99 MW. An additional element of the investment, apart from the co-generator and fermenters, is the construction of a heating network to the villages of Boleszyn and Mroczno with a total length of ca. 10,000 m including a metering and reduction station. The anticipated thermal power of the plant is 3.3MW. About 190 buildings will be connected to the network.
A great example for using waste heat from a biogas plant for own needs and local heating network (pig farm, over 20 houses and a few public buildings in the village and a church), heating network expansion to two villages in progress.