Heating system of the city of Poznań

Use of waste heat from the foundry to the heating system of the city of Poznań

Volkswagen’s foundry Poznań/Veolia Energia Poznań is an investor of this project in Poznań, (Poland).
80 percent the electricity consumed by the compressors is exchanged for thermal energy and transferred in the form of heated water for cooling. The technology implemented in the Volkswagen foundry in Poznań enables recovery of energy from the heated water instead of its cooling. As part of the project, two heating nodes and nearly 2 km of pipelines were built. The heat is supplied to 30 buildings in Poznań, including neighboring industrial companies, residential buildings and a hospital.
A good example of cooperation between a large industrial plant and a district heating company.
In addition to reducing CO 2 emissions, consumption of water for cooling is also reduced by 17 million liters per year.